Embark on a non-surgical journey to redefine and enhance your nasal aesthetics with our innovative nose augmentation service, utilizing pdo threads. Inspired by the transformative effects of pdo threads on various facial areas, we’ve extended their magic to create subtle yet impactful changes to the contour and shape of the nose.

Polydioxanone (pdo) threads, a non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedure that now caters to the nose. Say goodbye to traditional surgical procedures and injectables—our technique allows you to elevate nose shape and definition without incisions or extended downtime.

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Thread Nose Lift Procedure
Our nose thread lift, also known as a non-surgical nose job (nsnj), employs dissolvable sutures to lift and contour the nose. Addressing areas such as a dorsal hump, nasal bridge definition, or nasal tip projection, the procedure begins with a thorough consultation. After cleansing the treatment area and applying a topical anesthetic for comfort, the practitioner strategically inserts pdo threads using a cannula. Immediate results are visible, with full results emerging in a few weeks post-procedure as swelling subsides. The dissolvable sutures enhance collagen production, ensuring continual improvements for up to a year.

Rhinoplasty vs nose thread lift: distinguish between a more comprehensive and permanent rhinoplasty and our quick, minimally invasive nose thread lift. Optimal for those seeking subtle improvements without major surgery, our results can last up to a year.

Combination treatments with pdo threads: enhance and customize results by combining pdo threads with other aesthetic procedures. Whether paired with dermal fillers for added volume and contour or complemented by botox for dynamic wrinkle refinement, our combination treatments provide a comprehensive, non-surgical nose job.

As we venture into the world of nose lifts and transformations, our non-surgical approach stands as a compelling option. Immediate lift and support, coupled with pdo thread effectiveness showcased in before-and-after images, make this a quick, minimally invasive solution. Intrigued by the prospect of enhancing your nasal profile? Take the next step—consult with our qualified medical professionals to explore the possibilities tailored to your goals and preferences.